Actinnova is one of the largest and most respected intellectual property firms in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
It is our aim to provide our clients with full satisfaction and maximum benefit.

Actinnova's philosophy is based on four strategies

1. Promptness

We always concern the "urgency" of each individual case. Our main policy for each individual case is to respond promptly. Our planning is formed in accordance with the nature, content, urgency and importance of each individual case, aiming to fulfill our clients' expectations accurately by taking flexible, suitable and prompt actions.

2. Highly Added Value

In order to secure your intellectual property rights, we go beyond mere filing and prosecution of applications to spontaneously work on each individual case in keeping with the four following mottoes.

  1. To protect the clients' rights intact, we review claims from every aspect and propose multi-phase claims to file a specification that best describes the invention.
  2. We make the most careful and suitable responses to Official Actions. This is the reason why we maintain a remarkably high registration rate with Bosnia-Herzegovina Patent Office, which is well known for its strict examination guidelines.
  3. We conduct various prior art searches on request, and in this manner, provide a wide range of assistance in our clients' research and development activities.
  4. We do not always require detailed letters of request or drawings for filing an application. We can complete a specification and drawings that best describe an invention by merely examining an original product with a concise explanation thereof by its inventors.






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